About Us

Empowering Energy

An integrated team that looks to the future with over
ten years of experience behind it

Western Engineering was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the R&D office of Western CO., a company with thirty years experience in the field of photovoltaic energy and off-grid systems.

For this reason, Western Engineering is not a simple start-up detached from the reference context, but already boasts the experience of a reality present in the reference markets and projected towards new challenges and futuristic technologies.

Energy independence and decentralized production can be affordable for everyone.

A sustainable future is already possible

We develop hardware and software solutions for energy conversion, monitoring and management from renewable sources and for energy efficiency.

We develop power devices for the conversion of energy from renewable sources (DC / DC converter and DC / AC inverter), control circuits for energy management in lead-acid electrochemical batteries, Lithium ions and LiFePO4, lamps for lighting roads with related control circuits for power LEDs (LED drivers). We also deal with the development of Web applications or Cloud services for remote control, in particular the platform for controlling photovoltaic inverters, data-loggers and remote control of street lighting lamps.

Our expertises


Led Lighting

• LED lighting fixtures UNI 13201
• Led Driver Circuits

Green Energy

Energy Management

• Energy management for storage applications
• Optimization and revamping
• Micro-grids

Data Management

Cloud Services

• Web Services
• API development (JSON,XML)
• Data analysis, processing and monitoring


Custom electronics

• Design on customer specifications
• Firmware on 8-16-32 bit microprocessor
• RS485, CAN, Ethernet communications
• Wireless, Bluetooth, Wifi, GMS/UMTS communications

Green Energy

Power Conversion

• MPPT charge controllers
• DC-DC converters (Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost
• Battery management

Data Management

IoT Technology

• MQTT protocol
• LoraWAN
• Smart Grids

Our Team

Simone Barbabella


Elio Santori

Planner & Electronic Developer

Fabrizio D’Orazio

Firmware Developer

Antonio Lanciotti

Web Developer

Manuele Marranconi

Mechanical Designer

Giancarlo Cimini

IT Developer & Consultant

Giancarlo Cimini

Administration & Sales


What Our Clients say

"Western Engineering is a reliable, competent and available partner; with the Research & Development team it is easy both to determine long-term programs and to request changes during the design phase, always receiving the same guarantee of comprehensive and fast answers, combined with a courtesy that is not taken for granted. Western Engineering is much more than a supplier, it’s a partner you can always count on!"

Michele Vallerin
Michele Vallerin
FIAMM Energy Technology S.p.A. PM

"In 2012 in Berlin I met the CEO of Western CO Giovanni Cimini: a true revolutionary. From that moment my ideas, considerations and projects, on wanting to change the way of producing sustainable energy, took shape. Together with Western Engineering we shared a single common goal: the energy revolution. Currently we work both in Italy and abroad with storage powered by solar sources and the new frontier of the green blockchain"

Giuseppe Pirola
Giuseppe Pirola
President of UNET Energia Spa

Our Clients

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